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China's first export of narcotic drugs

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The reporter from 3, is located in Hubei Yichang city Yichang humanwell pharmaceutical company ( was informed that the company and the Indonesia MBF company on narcotic drugs ( technology export project officially signed an agreement. This is the first time that China has achieved the export of narcotic drugs. Yichang humanwell pharmaceutical company is Asia's largest drug production enterprises (, MBF company is in Indonesia have one of the narcotics production qualification of the two companies, but the lack of the ability of independent research and technology of narcotic drugs. After several rounds of negotiations, Yichang humanwell pharmaceutical company with independent intellectual property rights of narcotic drugs - fentanyl citrate injection technology transfer to MBF. The export of technology, Yichang humanwell pharmaceutical total revenue of approximately $2 million, by the MBF company in 5 years to pay. Fentanyl Citrate Injection ( is a synthetic narcotic analgesic effect, but also can be used as anesthetic adjuvant, are commonly used in the general anesthesia ( The product ( was first listed in the United States in the 60s of last century. In 70s, it was designated by the former Yichang pharmaceutical factory ( in china. In 2001, Yichang Pharmaceutical ( after the establishment of the Yichang factory restructuring humanwell pharmaceutical company, fentanyl production quality system is continuously upgrading, reach the domestic first-class level, the raw material through the EU certification, has reached the international standard. Humanwell medicine ( group president Li Jie said that the technology export of narcotic drugs, marking the China implements by anesthesia anesthesia technology output output to a qualitative leap, by expanding the international market business in Southeast Asia, not only to promote the technological progress of narcotic drugs, pharmaceutical launched international talent exchange channels, but also to bring the good news for local patients. Yichang humanwell pharmaceutical company chief engineer Li Lie said, the future, the company will be aimed at a large population base, strong partners, as well as the state of direct import of narcotic drugs policy restrictions, continue to explore business opportunities for technology export, China pharmaceutical enterprises to accumulate experience in the field of technology export.

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