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Yangzhou Qinyuan Pharmatech co.,ltd. is located in the rich ancient city of Yangzhou, relying on the Yangzhou chemical industry park and universities in Yangzhou, the global pharmaceutical market demand oriented. Specializing in R & D, sales, customization, synthesis, impurity control preparation, technology transfer and development of pharmaceutical intermediates (process optimization, small test, pilot production, large scale production). Our products mainly include chiral compounds, heterocyclic chemicals, pharmaceutical intermediates and apis. The company has high-level, high-level R & D personnel, has a strong professional background. At the same time with organic synthesis in the laboratory and improve the professional database (Scienfinder, Beilstein) and the access system can quickly access a variety of synthetic literature. In R & D and synthesis, the company pays attention to scientific and technological innovation, adhere to the creation of imitation, combined with the manufacture of "high, fine, sharp" products, and strive to provide customers with the best quality pharmaceutical chemicals. The company has been "dedicated dedication, quality and development" as its business philosophy. Through the continuous upgrading of the industry, improve product quality, and strive to chemical, pharmaceutical technology to grasp the seamless connection to the pharmaceutical production process to meet the diversified needs of the market.
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